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This 20 month course is a complete education in the Theory and Practice of Classical Homeopathy. Throughout the time we will teach the full Theoretical knowledge including the Organon and essential Levels of Health Model, Materia Medica of another 150 remedies focusing on their essentials and main characteristics, integrated medical pathology, repertory knowledge, use of the Vithoulkas Compass repertory software, cases to illustrate materia medica, tutorials and much more.

  • The Organon of Medicine
  • Medicine and the Human Organism
  • In depth Homeopathic Theory
  • The Science of Homeopathy
  • Provings
  • Acutes in Chronic Prescribing
  • Remedy Reactions
  • Levels of Health Theory
  • Miasmatic Theory
Materia Medica
  • Materia Medica of 130 further remedies with case examples
  • Regular online or in-person tutorials to discuss questions and issues
Online Support
  • A tutor will be available online to field your questions and provide support throughout the course
Anatomy and Pathology
  • Throughout the course you will follow an anatomy and pathology training with Dr Peter Gandy

Practical Application
  • Case-Taking
  • How to repertorise
  • Computer applications - Vithoulkas Compass tuition
  • Case Analysis
  • How to evaluate symptoms
  • Prescribing
  • Posology
  • Potency issues
  • Long-term management of chronic cases
  • Follow-up case-taking
  • Complex multi-layered chronic cases - how to treat successfully

Start 27th April 2024

  • Best possible theorical education
  • Best possible practical education
  • Clinical education methodology
  • Supervised case taking


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